Saturday, September 15, 2007

Taylors Falls - Left of Lloyds

Today I headed out to Taylors Falls for some climbing with my friends Nic Oklobzija, Eric Johnson, Kelly McBride, and Chris and Lynn Johnson. We started the day by hiking over to the Wisconsin side and climbing in the cave. My current project is Midget Sit Start - a V7 I think - that climbs up the middle. I got through the crux and was on the easy top-out when I blew the beta and came tumbling off. I ended up not doing it today but I know it should go very soon now. Kelly was working on the Cave Traverse with Eric and she came really close to doing it. Some of us might head back up tomorrow and hopefully we can both finish these projects.

After climbing in the cave for awhile, we headed back to the MN side so Nic could have a go on Left of Lloyds. Left of Lloyds - at V11 - is one of the hardest boulder problems at Taylors Falls if not the hardest. Nic has been working this problem for a long time and he crushed it on his 2nd go of the day. This is only the 5th ascent of this boulder problem -- a true MN testpiece. And the video:

Nice job Nic!

And some pictures from the cave:

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